Contacting City Officials

To submit comments to Mayor Jenny Durkan

Send e-mail messages to Mayor Jenny Durkan.

Send mail to:
Mayor Jenny Durkan
PO Box 94749
Seattle, WA 98124-4749

Call by phone: 206-684-4000.

To submit comments to City Councilmembers

Wallingford (District 4 or District 6) elects District Councilmembers Rob Johnson or Mike O’Brien, and citywide Councilmembers Teresa Mosqueda and Lorena González.

Send e-mail messages to Lisa Herbold; Bruce Harrell; Kshama Sawant; Abel Pacheco; Debora Juarez; Mike O’Brien; Sally Bagshaw; Teresa Mosqueda; Lorena González or to all Councilmembers.

Send mail to:
Seattle City Council
PO Box 34025
Seattle, WA 98124-4025

Call by phone to Lisa Herbold at 206-684-8803; Bruce Harrell at 206-684-8804; Kshama Sawant at 206-684-8016; Abel Pacheco at 206-684-8808; Debora Juarez at 206-684-8805; Mike O’Brien at 206-684-8800; Sally Bagshaw at 206-684-8801; Teresa Mosqueda at 206-684-8806; or Lorena González at 206-684-8802.

City Council Office Hours

Abel Pacheco (District 4 / Northeast Seattle)

No current office hours posted.

Mike O’Brien (District 6 / Northwest Seattle)

No current office hours posted.

Theresa Mosqueda (Position 8 / Citywide)

Office hours from 1 PM to 3 PM on Friday January 25 at C & P Coffee Company, 5612 California Ave SW (sponsored by the West Seattle Blog).

Lorena González (Position 9 / Citywide)

No current office hours posted.

Lisa Herbold (District 1 / West Seattle & South Park)

Office hours from 2:00 – 7:00 PM. Walk in, or email Alex Clardy to schedule in advance. The last appointment is 6:30 PM.

  • Friday January 25, 2019 at Senior Center of West Seattle, 4217 SW Oregon Street.
  • Friday February 22, 2019 at South Park Community Center, 8319 8th Avenue S.
  • Friday March 29, 2019 at Southwest Neighborhood Service Center, 2801 SW Thistle Street.

Bruce Harrell (District 2 / South Seattle & Georgetown)

No current office hours posted.

Kshama Sawant (District 3 / Central Seattle)

No current office hours posted.

Debora Juarez (District 5 / North Seattle)

No current office hours posted.

Sally Bagshaw (District 7 / Pioneer Square to Magnolia)

Request a meeting.

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