What We Do

What does the Wallingford Community Council do?

Investigates:  WCC monitors official notices and neighborhood activities for issues that may be of concern or interest to the Wallingford community. When issues come to the attention of WCC, we follow up and investigate to see what impacts they may have on our neighborhood and how residents can respond.

Educates: WCC hosts speakers at its monthly meetings on a wide variety of issues of interest to the community. It has organized and sponsored special events to provide information to Wallingford residents and business regarding issues of critical importance to the neighborhood attended by hundreds of our neighbors. WCC also provides background information, notices and written materials on neighborhood blogs and its website. When city agencies are required to do public education and outreach for their projects, they often do so thorough the WCC.

Facilitates:  WCC supports neighborhood groups in their efforts to improve our community by acting as a fiscal agent for those seeking public and private grants for Wallingford projects, providing funding through grants it has obtained, advising neighbors on how to deal with city government, and by hosting events to support recycling and other community and environmental efforts.

Advocates: WCC advocates for Wallingford interests at public hearings and in dealing with City and State agencies on issues of concern to our neighborhood.

Cooperates:  WCC cooperates with other organizations in Wallingford and throughout our city on common concerns and goals.

Negotiates: WCC effectively negotiates with developers, and city and state agencies to improve projects and activities which impact our community.

Litigates: When necessary, WCC has represented community interests before the Seattle Hearings Examiner, the Washington State Shorelines Hearings Board, Superior Courts and the State Court of Appeals.

WCC has been a completely volunteer organization for almost 50 years. Without the dedicated efforts of our neighbors over the years, Wallingford would be a much different and less inviting place to live.

Join us and Participate.

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