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Route 44 Planning Drop-In Sessions, Thursday, November 21

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and King County Metro have kicked-off the early planning phase of the Route 44 – Transit-Plus Multimodal Corridor project. They are working to enhance safety, and to improve transit speed and reliability throughout the Route 44 corridor. SDOT and Metro anticipate implementing these upgrades to the Route 44 Transit-Plus Multimodal Corridor in 2023, prior to Metro’s future delivery of RapidRide.

Join SDOT and Metro at one of three drop-in sessions in the University District, Ballard, and Wallingford. The drop-in sessions are a good opportunity to learn more about the project, talk to the project team, and provide feedback on early concepts. Drop in any time; the information presented will be the same for each session.

University District
Tuesday November 19
2:00 – 3:30 PM
University Bookstore
4326 University Way

Wednesday, November 20
6:00 – 7:30 PM
Leif Erikson Hall
2245 NW 57th Street

Thursday, November 21
6:00 – 7:30 PM
Wallingford Senior Center
4649 Sunnyside Ave N, #140

The Wallingford Community Council (WCC) is committed to working with the City on safer streets and smart designs, and has been involved with Route 44 improvements for many years. The WCC promoted the present in-lane bus stops, supported queue-jump signals and reduced bus stops for faster Route 44 bus travel through Wallingford. The WCC maintains its support for Wallingford businesses that could be impacted depending on the proposed changes to the corridor.

Please attend a session, review the project, and comment on the proposals.

50th and Meridian Intersection Partially Closed This Weekend

From Friday November 15 at 6 PM through Sunday November 17 at 10 PM, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will partially close the intersection at N 50th Street and Meridian Ave N to repair and repave the intersection.

Eastbound and westbound traffic will be able to pass through, but the intersection will be closed to all northbound and southbound traffic. Please check Metro’s online rider alerts for Route 62 bus service information.

See the SDOT project website at Green Lake and Wallingford Paving & Multi-Modal Improvements for more details. To receive email updates, subscribe at the website for notice of upcoming work on Stone Way N, E Green Lake Way N, N/NE 50th Street, and N/NE 40th Street.

Historic Wallingford Book Talk, Friday November 8

Book Talk with Kathryn Rogers Merlino
Building Reuse: Sustainability, Preservation, and the Value of Design

Celebrate Historic Wallingford logo.

Friday November 8, 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Seattle First Church of the Nazarene
4401 2nd Ave NE

What does truly sustainable design look like at the building and neighborhood scale? Kathryn Rogers Merlino will share the findings from her recent book, Building Reuse: Sustainability, Preservation, and the Value of Design. Learn about how reusing and re-imagining existing buildings can reduce carbon emissions, spur economic growth, and improve neighborhood character.

Free to Historic Wallingford members and $10 for non-members. RSVP requested. Further information on the Historic Wallingford site.

Monthly Meeting, Wednesday November 6

Wallingford Community Council "Kite Hill" logo

Time: 7 PM.
Location: Room 202 of the Good Shepherd Center, 4659 Sunnyside Ave N.


  • Welcome and Call to Order.
  • Guest: Woodland Park Zoo Rubai Aurora will update the community and answer any questions.
  • Guest: Kenmore Air and Lake Union – Seaplane flight path presentation on new water runway with an increase in flights and noise by concerned resident Tung Le.
  • Committee reports.
  • Announcements:
    • The next Monthly Meeting will be Wednesday December 4, 7 PM.
    • Tuesday November 5 Election Day! Let’s Get Out the Vote!
    • The Communications Committee is looking for volunteers to help with communication strategy between the City and community members.
  • Good of the Order (anything people want to bring up).
  • Adjourn.

Disaster Response Training & Organizing, Thursday October 17

Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare (SNAP) logo

Time: 7 PM.
Location: Room 202 of the Good Shepherd Center, 4659 Sunnyside Ave N.

The Wallingford Community Council is offering a free training session to give you the fundamentals of how to prepare so your family and your neighborhood will be more resilient in the event of disaster. We are offering a class called Seattle Neighbors Actively Prepare, or SNAP.

The Cascadia Subduction Zone off Washington’s shore could result in a disastrous earthquake any day now. There are other slightly less dramatic events that could also upend our lives, such as a Seattle Fault earthquake, a fire that consumes a few neighboring houses, an amazing snowstorm, or even a medical emergency in your own family. In a large-scale, disaster the Police and Fire Departments will be overwhelmed and will be a long time in coming to your assistance. If we as individuals and as a neighborhood are prepared to respond to these emergencies the potential adverse impacts will be much less severe.

Wallingford needs a community emergency response team. We are seeking to organize our neighborhood and we need you. Come to the SNAP training session and stay to discuss how you might help build a community that can respond together when disaster strikes. Diane Moore, an experienced volunteer with the Seattle Office of Emergency Management will present the basics of individual/family disaster preparedness and help spark our neighborhood-level preparedness.

City Council Poised to Gut Environmental Reviews, Monday October 7

On Monday October 7 at 2 PM, the City Council is rushing to take a final vote on CB 119600. This legislation will substantially weaken requirements for the environmental review of projects and policies under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

In the opinion of the Seattle Times Editorial Board:

“Don’t be fooled by [the] greenwashing. It does the environment no favors to weaken the State Environmental Policy Act… This will mostly benefit real estate investors trying to further cash in on the Amazon boom.”

“Seattle’s environmental community should also urge the council to reject this faux-environmental policy. They must resist the siren song of developer-friendly think tanks, telling tales of how the earth will be saved by bulldozing houses, cutting trees and replacing them with big apartments.”

“This [legislation] is about weakening policy written to protect the environment and quality of life for everyone. It reduces costs for the few who profit off land speculation.”

We urge you to contact all City Councilmembers with your concerns about CB 119600, and ask them to delay this legislation for consideration by the newly-elected Council next year. (Contact information is below.) You can further express your concerns by testifying at the City Council meeting on Monday October 7 at 2 PM in Council Chambers at Seattle City Hall.

There is no reason for the City Council to rush. Under state law, the City has until April 2021 to consider and adopt more reasonable and more environmentally friendly provisions. When our big issues are climate change, equity, and human health, the SEPA process should be strengthened, not weakened.

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Monthly Meeting + City Council Candidate Forum, Wednesday October 2

Wallingford Community Council "Kite Hill" logo

Time: 7 PM.
Location: Room 202 of the Good Shepherd Center, 4659 Sunnyside Ave N.

Representing Wallingford:
Meet the Candidates for City Council

  • District 4 candidates: Alex Pedersen and Shaun Scott.
  • District 6 candidates: Due to a conflicting District 6 forum hosted by the Ballard District Council, candidates (Heidi Wills and Dan Strauss) are unable to attend. However, both candidates are sending a surrogate to represent them.
  • Candidates (and surrogates) will answer questions from 7 PM to 8 PM.
  • Questions will be submitted by the Wallingford Community Council (WCC) Board and from members of the audience.


  • Welcome and Call to Order.
  • City Council Candidate Forum, 7 – 8 PM.
  • Committee reports.
  • Announcements:
    • The next Monthly Meeting will be Wednesday November 6, 7 PM.
    • Wednesday October 9, 7:00 PM — A King County District 4 Council Forum hosted by the Sunset Hill Community Club. Meet current Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles and challenger Abigail Doerr. (Note: The County District 4 boundaries are very different from the City District 4 boundaries. Wallingford is in both districts).
    • Tuesday November 5 Election Day! Let’s Get Out the Vote! The General Election Registration Deadline is October 28. To register to vote, visit here.
    • The WCC is looking for volunteers to help write and prepare an Engagement Survey – please email if interested with “Survey” as the subject.
    • The Shorelines Committee is looking for volunteers to prepare a proposal to improve Waterway 16 (south end of 2nd Ave NE) to create a community gem that affords the public a lovely place to access Lake Union. Please email if interested with “Waterway 16” as the subject.
    • Historic Wallingford Remodel & Restore Workshop and Home Tour. Saturday September 21, 10:00 AM, in Room 202 of the Good Shepherd Center.
  • Good of the Order (anything people want to bring up).
  • Adjourn.

First posted Wednesday September 18, 2019 at 2:48 PM.

Historic Wallingford Remodel & Restore Workshop & Tour, Saturday September 21

Remodel & Restore Workshop & Home Tour poster image.

If you are considering a home remodel or restoration project, Historic Wallingford invites you to the Remodel & Restore Workshop & Home Tour. At the Good Shepherd Center, 4659 Sunnyside Ave N.

Get practical advice, design ideas, and listen to different perspectives from a panel of homeowners and industry experts and finally, get inspiration by touring hand-picked homes that have been remodeled, updated, or restored.

The Workshop will be a two-hour panel discussion (from 10 AM to 12 PM) with Wallingford homeowners, contractors and architects providing experience and know-how for those considering or interested in home improvement restoration and remodels.

The Home Tour follows the workshop (from 1:30 to 3:15 PM). Attendees will be taken on a curated tour of two handpicked neighborhood homes to see recent remodel and/or restoration work. Homeowners and contractors will describe the before-and-after state of the remodel projects and take questions and share their experiences.

Prior event registration is required for this limited-space event. Learn more and register for the event through Brown Paper Tickets. Save on registration by joining Historic Wallingford as a member.

City Council Vote on Backyard Cottage Zoning Changes, Monday July 1

City Councilmember Abel Pacheco and the Mayor need to hear from you before Monday. Contact them today!

Monday, July 1, 2019, 2:00 PM in Council Chambers at Seattle City Hall.

Councilmember Pacheco and the Mayor need to hear from you regarding proposed changes to the rules governing backyard cottages (Detached Accessory Dwelling Units or DADUs) and mother-in-law apartments (Attached Dwelling Units or ADUs) on single-family lots.

Currently, the City allows backyard cottages to be built on most single-family lots.

The proposed changes include:

  • Removing the owner occupancy requirement. (Currently, the owner must live on-site.)
  • Allowing both a mother-in-law apartment (ADU) and a backyard cottage (DADU) on the same lot, instead of one or the other, increasing the number of possible housing units on a single-family lot from two to three units.
  • Increasing the height and size of backyard cottages while reducing the minimum lot size.

Concern: These changes combine to turn single-family lots citywide into targets for developer and investor speculation as they open up having three rental units on one single-family lot and decreasing the opportunities for home ownership. The Seattle Times Editorial Board writes, “The new proposal is a wish list for developers, private and nonprofit, allowing nearly every single-family lot to be used for triplexes.”

There are more proposed changes to be concerned about in this upcoming legislation regarding open space, trees, setbacks and property lines, parking, etc… To read more about these concerns, click here.

Don’t be fooled by advocates calling this a moral imperative. This mostly helps politicians’ benefactors: developers and labor groups wanting license to build rentals virtually everywhere.
– The Seattle Times Editorial Board

Think about it and share your opinion of these proposals with your elected officials in city government. It’s important that they hear from you now. See below for a suggested message.

Please call and comment by email to our City Councilmembers:
Abel Pacheco: 206-684-8808,
Lisa Herbold: 206-684-8803,
Bruce Harrell: 206-684-8804,
Kshama Sawant: 206-684-8016,
Debora Juarez: 206-684-8805,
Mike O’Brien: 206-684-8800,
Sally Bagshaw: 206-684-8801,
Teresa Mosqueda: 206-684-8806,
Lorena González: 206-684-8802,
All Councilmembers:

Please share your concerns with Mayor Durkan:
Mayor Durkan: 206-684-4000,

Feel free to send your own version of this suggested message:

I encourage you to keep the current accessory unit rules allowing ADUs & DADUs to remain in place, as is, with no rule changes.

The existing rules support both home ownership and the city’s goal for 4,000 additional rental units through ADU development over the next ten years. The success of the current program can be seen through the rate at which new ADUs have and are currently being built throughout Seattle.

Under the proposed changes, owner occupancy is being dismissed as a requirement. Without the owner occupancy requirement, single-family lots city-wide will be turned into targets for developers and investors looking to increase their rental portfolios. As the Seattle Times asks, “If the goals are increasing housing opportunity and reducing economic disparity, why not preserve and widen pathways to home ownership and the middle class?”

Home ownership creates stability for families, individuals, pets, schools, and neighborhoods.

Please vote No on the proposed rule changes to the current ADU/DADU legislation!

[your name]

For more information:
To read the DRAFT ADU Legislation – click here.
For a Comprehensive List of Changes and Concerns – click here.
To read the Seattle Times Editorial on this subject – click here.
For a letter from Phinney Ridge Community Council – click here.
To read suggestions for how to both increase backyard cottages and retain opportunities for home ownership – click here.

Public Hearing: Restricted Parking Zone Changes, Thursday June 20

Proposed Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) Expansion in Southeast Wallingford

Thursday June 20, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Hamilton International Middle School, 1610 N 41 Street
In the Commons. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) staff will give a brief presentation at 6:30 PM. Public comment begins at 6:45 PM and is limited to 2 minutes per person.

Map of Proposed RPZ Changes for Southeast Wallingford

The proposed RPZ changes include an expansion of the existing Zone 22. The hours would be changed to 7 AM – 6 PM (from the current 8 AM – 5 PM) to be consistent with many other RPZs in the City. SDOT initially proposed an expansion of Zone 34 as well, but the majority of feedback received did not support expanding Zone 34.

Comments are accepted though Sunday June 30.
Comment form:
Phone: 206-684-4103.
All comment methods are treated equally.

For more information:
New and Changing RPZs – Southeast Wallingford.