Draft Comp Plan 2044 Released, Public Engagement Needed!

Deadline for public comment is May 6th, 2024, 5PM.

Two important documents were released the week of March 5, 2024 by the city. The first is the 20-year Growth strategy called One Seattle Comprehensive Plan 2044, which aims to guide growth for the next two decades. The second document, the DEIS (Draft Environmental Impact Study), analyzes the impacts of growth strategy alternatives.

It’s a very large body of work, and sometimes things are missed or need additional consideration. Help the city review their work! Public engagement is extremely important, and we list opportunities for you to participate and use your voice to influence the choices being proposed by city leaders.

The public engagement period has started, and your comments will be incorporated into the Final Comprehensive Plan and FEIS (Final EIS), which must be voted on by the City Council later in 2024. The deadline for public comments is May 6 at 5:00 pm.

About the Comp Plan

First, the Comprehensive Plan (One Seattle Plan) focuses on goals, policy recommendations, expanding housing options, zoning changes, map expansions, and updating Seattle’s residential zones, such as reclassifying urban villages to urban centers. Also, the city is required to apply the rules of House Bill 1110, which was passed by the state in 2023. HB1110 overrides previous single-family zoned lots and now permits 4-6 units per lot citywide, depending on proximity to transit.  The WCC would like the MHA (Mandatory Housing Affordability) program to apply to everywhere HB1110 applies, and would appreciate public advocacy to make this happen.

Illustrations of the application of HB1110, showing four units to a lot housing configurations, can be found here.

Here is the link to the One Seattle Comprehensive home page.
Here is the link to documents and other information for both the One Seattle Comprehensive Plan and DEIS (Draft Environmental Impact Study).

Open Houses for the Comprehensive Plan are all from 6:00 – 7:30pm in person:
– Chief Sealth: Wednesday, April 3
– Garfield: Tuesday, April 16
– Eckstein: Thursday, April 25
– McClure Middle School Seattle City Hall (location changed!): Tuesday, April 30
– Virtual Online: Thursday, May 2

The deadline for comments on the Comprehensive One Seattle Plan is May 6, 2024, at 5:00 pm.
Send comments to OneSeattleCompPlan@seattle.gov

About the DEIS (Draft Environmental Impact Statement)

The DEIS focuses more on the five growth alternatives for Seattle with analysis of impacts and mitigations the city anticipates. Here is the link to a concise Executive summary analysis on the growth alternatives.

Links to online Information Sessions to be released before the meetings:

1) DEIS information online session Tuesday, April 2, 7-8:30 pm. For more information, contact: Jim.Holmes@seattle.govor call 206-684-8372.

2) DEIS online information session Thursday, April 11, 7-8:30 pm, focusing on 130th and 145th Street stations. Contact person: Patrice.Carroll@seattle.gov or call 206-684-0946.

The deadline for comments on the DEIS may be submitted before May 6 at 5:00 pm

at the DEIS Story Map
and/or mailed to:
   Jim Holmes  
   Office of Planning and Development  
   P.O.Box 94788  
   Seattle, Wash. 98124-7088  
and/or emailed to: PCD_CompPlan_EIS@seattle.gov

Public Hearings on the DEIS will be both online call-in and in-person live:

1) Wednesday, April 17, at 10 a.m.  
City Hall 600 4th avenue, Boards and Commissioners Room, Floor 12

2) Monday, April 22, at 6:00 p.m.  
City Hall 4th Avenue, Boards and Commissioners Room, Floor 12


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