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Find It, Fix It Walk with Mayor Murray this Tuesday March 14

Join with your neighbors for a Find It, Fix It Walk with Mayor Murray and with various City Department representatives. We will gather for refreshments at 5:00 PM on the southeast corner of Woodland Park (N 50th Street and Stone Way N and Green Lake Way N). The walk will begin at 5:30 PM and will finish at Murphy’s Pub around 7:00 PM.

Topics to be discussed during the walk include:

  • Park safety.
  • Homeless encampments.
  • Safe street crossings and traffic calming.
  • Pedestrian and bicycling safety.
  • The HALA “Grand Bargain” and Urban Village zoning changes.
  • Overuse of Wallingford Playfield.
  • Overcrowded schools.
  • Waterways and shoreline access.
  • Uneven sidewalks.
  • Missing street trees, and maintenance of existing street trees.

Don’t see your concerns? Come and add your voice to the conversations!
Can’t make the walk? Join us at one of the six stops on the route.
Bring your families! — Bring your friends! — Bring your neighbors!

Stop #4 – Keep Seattle Livable! Join with your neighbors to express your opinion on the HALA “Grand Bargain” Upzones in the Wallingford Urban Village. We will have signs, or bring your own. Come on the walk; or be part of the crowd at Walk Stop #4 by 6:00 PM on Densmore Ave N between N 44th and N 43rd Streets (on the east side).

Correction: A previous notice had an incorrect email address. The correct address is pres@wallingfordcc.org if you wish to help doorbell to get the word out to gather on Densmore Ave N by 6:00 PM Tuesday.

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