Wallingford Educates Wallingford

Photo of Wallingford Educates Wallingford meeting on Saturday January 7, 2017.On Saturday January 7, 2017, the Wallingford Community Council held a “Wallingford Educates Wallingford” Special Meeting at Hamilton Middle School.  Discussed were the HALA “Grand Bargain”, MHA Upzoning, and how this impacts our neighborhood. These changes affect all Wallingford residents, not just those living in the Urban Village.


  1. Agenda and Comment Form
  2. What is HALA? – Lee Raaen
  3. Economics of Housing – Frank Fay
  4. Do We Need to Upzone? – Gregory Hill
  5. What Will It Cost You? – Judith Noble
  6. What You Can Do – Glenn Singer
  7. WCC Position Paper on Affordable Housing, Increased Density, and Livability in Wallingford (revised March 1, 2018)

Thanks to all who attended and chose to get involved.

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