Disaster Response Training & Organizing, Thursday October 17

Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare (SNAP) logo

Time: 7 PM.
Location: Room 202 of the Good Shepherd Center, 4659 Sunnyside Ave N.

The Wallingford Community Council is offering a free training session to give you the fundamentals of how to prepare so your family and your neighborhood will be more resilient in the event of disaster. We are offering a class called Seattle Neighbors Actively Prepare, or SNAP.

The Cascadia Subduction Zone off Washington’s shore could result in a disastrous earthquake any day now. There are other slightly less dramatic events that could also upend our lives, such as a Seattle Fault earthquake, a fire that consumes a few neighboring houses, an amazing snowstorm, or even a medical emergency in your own family. In a large-scale, disaster the Police and Fire Departments will be overwhelmed and will be a long time in coming to your assistance. If we as individuals and as a neighborhood are prepared to respond to these emergencies the potential adverse impacts will be much less severe.

Wallingford needs a community emergency response team. We are seeking to organize our neighborhood and we need you. Come to the SNAP training session and stay to discuss how you might help build a community that can respond together when disaster strikes. Diane Moore, an experienced volunteer with the Seattle Office of Emergency Management will present the basics of individual/family disaster preparedness and help spark our neighborhood-level preparedness.

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