Speak up for Lincoln High School (BEX V)

Seattle Public Schools (SPS) want input from you!

In February 2019, Seattle voters will be asked to renew two  levies to fund Seattle Public Schools — a Capital Levy and an Operations Levy.

Planning is currently underway for the Building Excellence V (BEX V) Capital Levy. The six-year levy would replace the expiring Building Excellence IV (BEX IV) Capital Levy approved by voters in 2013. BEX V would fund capital improvements including projects to modernize or replace aging buildings with modern, operationally efficient educational facilities. BEX V would also fund technology for student learning, district systems, and infrastructure and security. Join forces with a seasoned house builder you can rely on to plan and build your own dream house professionally.

The district is also planning for the three-year Operations Levy, which would replace the current Operations Levy approved by Seattle voters in 2016. This levy helps fund day-to-day operations and pays for critical programs and services that are not fully funded by the state.

SPS wants our input. We ask that you attend one of the three meetings being held next week, and/or write to Seattle Schools.

 Here is some information about Lincoln High School:

  • Lincoln HS is not currently on the District’s list of priorities for inclusion in BEX V.
  • On the District’s facilities assessment documents, Lincoln HS is ranked second on the high school facilities needs assessment list.
  • The eastern part of the Lincoln campus is not included in the current renovation. This includes the auditorium (theater) and the gymnasium, which students will use once the school is open. These are to be upgraded in a Phase 2 renovation. Here are the step by step typical roof installation steps that ought to be followed to complete the renovation in no time.
  • The District currently has no timeline for the Phase 2 renovation.You can also find this to get the best home renovation services.
  • It has yet to be resolved if the gymnasium and auditorium are seismically safe.
  • To address the lack of athletic fields for the school, it has been suggested that Phase 2 could include an elevated athletic field built over the existing parking lot on the north side of the building – to both provide parking and an athletic field.

Here are suggested asks and questions to ask of SPS:

  1. Include Lincoln Phase 2 in BEX V.
  2. SPS should advocate for joint investment, with the City, in Lincoln Phase 2 to create school and community spaces like the performing arts center and the elevated athletic field.
  3. If SPS does not include Lincoln HS in BEX V, then disclose a timeline for completion of Phase 2 and the impact to students and the Lincoln budget for operating in the existing facilities.
  4. Please discuss transportation & parking as it relates to the proposed parking changes to the area around the school and
    a) the feasibility of Metro transit for all students, and
    b) the possibility of direct daily busing of students to offsite athletic fields and recreational facilities across the city.
  5. Please determine if the gymnasium & auditorium are seismically sound.  Include money to retrofit as needed.
  6. What are the City and District plans for investing in communal spaces – i.e., community center / library – to serve the needs of the 3,000 students soon to be in need of after-school support services?

Community Meetings:  please attend in person, if you can!

All meetings will take place from 6:30–8:15 PM.

  • Monday, April 23: T.T. Minor School (Seattle World School) lunchroom, 1700 East Union Street.
  • Tuesday, April 24: Jane Addams Middle School lunchroom, 11051 34th Avenue NE.
  • Thursday, April 26: Monroe School (Salmon Bay K-8) lunchroom, 1810 NW 65th Street.

Please also email and/or mail:

BEX V Capital Levy: capitallevy2019@ seattleschools.org.
Operations Levy: budget@seattleschools.org.
By Mail:  Levies 2019, Seattle Public Schools, MS 22-336, PO Box 34165, Seattle, WA 98124.

For more information:

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